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My honest* responses to the cliché job interview questions

“All happy families are alike; and every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” — Leo Tolstoy’s novel Anna Karenina

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What can we learn from the single thread by Naval, which is retweeted 50,000 times and counting?

Forget about the quantity game for now

Can new business models fix our brains, or are we doomed for life?

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But why the heck don’t I remember anything from them?

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My honest* response to the cliché job interview questions

Don’t ask Google whether you need a haircut

Little Rock, Arkansa, 1958 by Thomas J. O’Halloran

12 programs I encounter on the Dutch television

Poor communication stems from risk avoidance, egocentricity and laziness.

Why do many data scientists fall short of delivering the desired value of their work, and how can they fix that

A gentle introduction to Standard Error and Confidence Intervals

Path Dependent History


GNU’s dream of Bitcoins

They might not be the same person, but they seem to play the same role in software history.

The Free Software movement is dead!

Tarek Amr

I write about what machines can learn from data, what humans can learn from machines, and what businesses can learn from all three.

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