One more candidate for Trump to beat

Obvious bad choices by the democrats, lead to eventual defeats

Update [November 2020]: Clearly I was mistaken, and luckily my predictions were wrong about Trump winning again. Nevertheless, it is nice to keep this post here to remind myself of my wrong predictions.

Two conclusions can be made from these numbers

(1) The obvious one: The young voters voted for Bernie while the old ones favored Biden.

(2) The less obvious one: Is it really that 55% of the population are above 50? Or are these 55% of the voters? If the latter, then the young voters just stayed at home and did not vote, yet, they will blame the older ones, while they are to be equally blamed.

In conclusion, I find it super disappointing that Americans never learn from their mistakes. Last time they chose a mediocre candidate, Hillary, for Trump to beat her later. Now, they do the same mistake with another mediocre whose ass will be beaten by Trump soon. Let alone that Bernie is the only sane person in this race, who I find honest and trustworthy.

Heard Bernie still have a slim chance, hope he gets nominated in the end.

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