Luckily, the lazy habit of writing “bug fixes and stability improvements” hasn’t found its way to the software libraries’ release notes . Without checking these notes, I wouldn’t have realized that Scikit-Lean version 0.23 implements Generalized Linear Models (GLM).

I pay extra attention to Scikit-Learn. Not only because I use…

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1- People who try to differentiate between Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

They’re the same fuck’n thing. Okay, if you squint your eyes hard enough, you may notice some differences, but trust me, nobody cares. It’s like people differentiating between England and Great Britain. It’s the same fuck’n thing. Maybe people living on that freaky island care to differentiate, but anybody living…

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On average twitter threads receive 60% more visibility and engagement*. But who cares about averages? On average, a human has one breast and one testicle, duh! We don’t want on-averages here, we want to learn how the wizards of the internet use threads.

Forget about the surface area game

The common wisdom says that stitching multiple…

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Last time I checked, I did not suffer from dementia. I can clearly list the insights I had from the book I’m reading now, but I remember nothing from the fifty something articles I read today on the internet. I can vaguely remember their titles though. One was “How the…

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Probably, you were asked the same question in a job interview. Usually, we are not entirely honest when it comes to interviews. Not that everyone gives answers like “my key weakness is working too hard” or “being perfectionist”, but even when responding with actual weaknesses, one tends to tailor them…

Tarek Amr

I write about what machines can learn from data, what humans can learn from machines, and what businesses can learn from all three.

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